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Innovative Marketing Applications

arrow 3D Website “Lobbies” w/Greeters
arrow Enabled Visitor/Product Interaction in 3D
arrow Virtual Tradeshows & Events
arrow Virtual Interactive Retail Shops
arrow Virtual Customer Service (Personalized)

Benefit Highlights

arrow Integrated Voice on IP
arrow Increase Conversions & Conversion Rates
arrow Effectively Promote Cross-Sells
arrow Engage & Interact With Site Visitors
arrow Increase Visitor Times Spent At Site
arrow Personalize Consumer Experiences
arrow Identify & Learn More About Prospects
arrow Use Integrated Reporting To Quantify
arrow Rapid & Cost-Effective Development

Seeing Is Truly Believing

There is no better way to research or understand what we’re offering than to meet in one of our actual 3D spaces Online.
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3D Websites

3D website   3D Website
Stand out of the crowd with an interactive 3D website
Tired of seeing static websites, all looking like each other, with no live interaction? Go 3D, bring interactivity to your website, make it live and stand out of the crowd by adding a 3D website to your existing web pages.

Transform your anonymous visitors into engaged propsepcts.
Don't let your website visitors just browse away from your pages and go to your competition website. Talk to them while they are visiting your website in 3D. Can you imagine an off-line traditional business without a sales person assisting customers? If not then imagine how you can increase sales online thanks to an engaged conversation with your visitors. In a 3D website, visitors engage more easily with your reps thanks to the sense of presence and the avatar representations which simulate human interactions.

Engage, Interact and Greet Website Visitors Within Immersive 3D Websites
You can now instantly engage and communicate with Website visitors within a fully customized 3D space or a  3D website. The 3D website is placed directly on your homepage, or any internal web page, and is accessible to all. The immersive experience in your 3D website provides a humanized and entertaining first impression that will improve communication and increase conversion rates. Any custom 3D website can be developed(i.e. guest lobby, entrance hall, reception area, offices, conference rooms, show-room, full buildings, retail shops, even replicate real-world locations or products). Your 3D website visitors explore your customized spaces freely and can be greeted by your own live representatives, offering a very personal and effective marketing, communication and sales tool.
The First and Only 3D Website Application of Its Kind: No Plug-Ins, No Software to Install
3DXplorer is the only immersive and interactive 3D Online platform that can be used without software downloads or plug-ins; this allows businesses, for the first time, to host 3D Websites that anyone can instantly access. Site visitors participate with the use of avatars, view and handle 3D object and products, and engage with live site reps as effortlessly as they surf the Web. Finally, a practical 3D Web solution that everyone can access and leverage without system or software constraints. Creating 3D websites with 3DXplorer/Mi3D is easy and can be done with minimal costs.

3DXplorer / Meet-in-3D - Demo

3DXplorer Meet-in-3D Features:
  • Mi3D Right From Your Home Page
    - Place a Mi3D link right on your home page inviting visitors to a full-screen immersive
    experience, or embed a smaller view of your 3D space directly within any HTML page.
  • Interact with your visitors and talk to them live
    - VoIP feature enables immediate live conversation with your web visitors, without any need
    to install any software.
  • Custom Spaces With Unique Functional Attributes
    - branded 3D spaces can easily be created—imaginary or real-world replicated (i.e. build
    show-rooms letting visitors handle any product, such as opening a laptop or car door, etc.)
    - immersion allows you to engage and interact with visitors live and in real-time
    - integrated VoIP enables your site reps to solicit and call visitors directly
    - integrated instant messaging function allows site reps to chat and engage site visitors instantly
    - video links and embedded slide shows can be displayed on wall-mounted screens
    - embed hyperlinks, taking visitors to purchase pages, contact pages, etc.
    - bell emails can be turned on to automatically send visitor announcements to site reps
  • Interconnected Spaces Without Limits
    - infinitely scalable, create interconnected rooms/areas using virtual doorways or other links
  • Free Personalized Avatars For All Your Visitors
    - visitors can enter immediately as a "guest avatar" or spend a few minutes creating a
     personalized look—choose from various ethnicities, hair color, clothing styles, etc.
    - utilize animations such as hand-shaking, laughing, etc. to better engage site visitors
  • Analyze Statistics
    - reporting allows you to see who has visited your 3D space, how often and for how long
  • True Immersive Mass-Market Reach in 3D
    - No software for the end-user to install, and quick load-times make Mi3D a practical technology
    for developing innovative, compelling and practical 3D Online marketing solutions.
arrow Enterprise Friendly, No Open Port Required
arrow No Plug-In Required, No Software to Install
arrow Browser-Based, No Firewall Issues
arrow SaaS (Altadyn hosts) or Enterprise (Intranet)
arrow Runs on any Computer (Win/Mac/Linux)
arrow Browser Friendly (IE, Firefox, etc)
arrow Free Voice/IP
arrow Easy-to-Use Authoring Studio
arrow Avatar Configurator, Create Personal Looks
arrow Web-Native Open Modeling Environment
arrow Open API (JavaScript/PHP/HTML)
arrow Secure: Your Data is Converted to Proprietary Formats & Can be Password Protected