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arrow Corporate E-Training
arrow Virtual Classrooms & eLearning
arrow Collaborative Meetings
arrow HR OnBoarding
arrow Sales Presentations
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Seeing Is Truly Believing

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Virtual Worlds with no download required

Virtual Worlds no download   Virtual Worlds no download
3DXplorer: The first and the only browser-based, virtual world platform with no download required.
3DXPlorer is a virtual world no download platform for designing interactive 3D spaces such as 3D rooms and virtual worlds including 3D objects, in which web visitors can meet, collaborate, talk, chat, walk, visualize objects and interact as easily as they navigate through HTML pages, but in a 3D immersive mode. Targeted to a wide range of users including but not limited to teachers, learners, marketers,event managers, employees, creators, web designers, webmasters and application developers. 3DXplorer enables creating 3D content which can be visited with a simple web browser entering virtual worlds with no download.

The download-free virtual world is offered for free to all creators, for prototyping and testing purposes, during the creation and design phases. When the virtual world goes live, a subscription will be required.
The main components of the 3DXplorer platform for virtual worlds with no download, are:
  • 3DXplorer Studio
  • 3DXplorer Avatar Configurator
  • 3DXplorer player
The main characteristics of the 3DXplorer download-free virtual world Platform are:
  • Enterprise friendly: can be used inside enterprise firewalls, does not require any open port
  • Browser-based: accessible to all, can be embedded inside any web page
  • Plug-in-less: No software to install, no download required
  • Java-based (Java 5 and above, Java 6 recommended).
  • Runs on any computer: PCs running Windows and Linux, Mac
  • Runs with any popular browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera
  • Multiuser with Avatars: Create your own look / Animations: walk, run, shake hands, hug,
    laugh, dance, etc. / Integrated Chat and Skype
  • Open for importing custom User-Generated 3D Content, objects or scenes: 3DS, COLLADA from any modeler including Autodesk's 3DSMax, Maya, Revit, Inventor, Google's Sketchup, and also LightWave 3D, Softimage, Blender, Houdini, Rhino...
  • Customized 3D scenes with imported images and sounds audio, changing colors and materials, adding hyperlinks, and more…
  • Collaboration: Present in 3D, collaborate, Meet in 3D, work together thanks to the Online Meeting features
  • Secure: Password protect any world
  • Programmable: API supporting JavaScript, PHP, HTML
  • Web-native and open modeling environment, accepting user-generated content via standard 3D formats (3ds, COLLADA)
  • 100% Online platform – SaaS (software as a service) composed of a studio (development environment) , an avatar configurator tool and a player (used by visitors)
The 3DXplorer Studio’s characteristics are:
  • Free, easy-to-use authoring tool
  • Enables creation of 3D spaces, by using provided library, or by importing user created models
  • Add furniture and other new objects in a scene
  • Customize both scenes and objects by changing color or texture
  • Add customized graphics and pictures on the walls
  • Add video pop up function associated to screens in the scene.
  • Add music
  • Designed for casual users with most features accessible through graphical UI
  • Scripting possible for programmers
  • Support: Technical webinar, Tutorial, Blog and individual support through e-mail
The 3DXplorer Avatar Configurator allows you to:
  • Define your avatar, by ethnicity, name, gender, skin color
  • Choose your clothes
  • Add accessories
  • Create and save different avatar looks (business, casual, etc.) and decide how to appear in any world
  • Use your same avatar in any world created with 3DXplorer
  • • Add your Skype ID or phone number and let others call you from inside the worlds with Skype.
arrow Enterprise Friendly, No Open Port Required
arrow No Plug-In Required, No Software to Install
arrow Browser-Based, No Firewall Issues
arrow SaaS (Altadyn hosts) or Enterprise (Intranet)
arrow Runs on any Computer (Win/Mac/Linux)
arrow Browser Friendly (IE, Firefox, etc)
arrow Free Voice/IP
arrow Easy-to-Use Authoring Studio
arrow Avatar Configurator, Create Personal Looks
arrow Web-Native Open Modeling Environment
arrow Open API (JavaScript/PHP/HTML)
arrow Secure: Your Data is Converted to Proprietary Formats & Can be Password Protected