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Seeing Is Truly Believing
There is no better way to research or understand what we’re offering than to meet in one of our actual 3D spaces Online.
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Altadyn leads the next generation of collaborative solutions by enabling a new type of user experience
(Immersive 3D), leveraging its cutting edge web3D platform for live collaboration, accessible to all. It's
a disruptive technology which enables full 3D immersive spaces with simple browsers on any computer,
with no download or installation required.
Since its inception in 2002, Altadyn has focused its efforts in bringing high end real-time 3D technology to everyone’s desk.
Company’s first product is Toon-MX, initially released in 2003. Before Toon-MX, real time character animation required motion capture equipment, high end workstations and sophisticated graphic cards with complex software user interface. 
Company's most recent product, 3DXplorer,  is the first and only browser-based, plug-in-less web3D platform which is immersive, interactive and cloud-based. It  enables easy 3D web applications accessible to all. 3DXplorer V4, introduced multi-user sessions, customizable avatars, Meet-in-3D and Online Meeting applications, as of late 2008, bringing a brand new concept of 3D websites and collaborative virtual spaces. 3DXplorer V5 released in September 2009 fully supports the unique cloud-based architecture of the product and pushes the envelope even further, enabling +100 avatars in a 3D conference hall, interactively, just within the browser, with no download. It also supports the Enterprise Edition which enables corporations to use the platform in a fully secure and economic mode on their private networks.
Financially backed by private investors, and supported by multiple agencies of the French governement, the company has won several awards including the French Ministry of Research’s startup award in 2003,  Paris regional award of Banque Populaire Ile de France in 2004, Innovation recognition  from  OSEO, the French Innovation Agency, in 2009 , the Entrepreneur of the Month TCVN award in California 2009, among other recognitions.
In 2008, the company was recognized as a leading technology in web3D by Forrester Research reports.
With offices in the United States and in Europe, the company’s technology has served a list of prestigious companies including :
- Dell Inc. ((NASDAQ:DELL)
- Cubic (NYSE: CBC)
- Saint Gobain (NYSE Euronext: SGO)
- National Defense University/ FCVW
- Association Of  Virtual Worlds
- Aptima
- France Television
- Business Schools: Wharton, ESADE
  • - SAP (US),
  • - Orange,
  • - Kimberly Clark,
  • - Nestlé,
  • - Valeo,
  • - Cité des Science et de l’Industrie,
  • - Futuroscope (attraction parc),
  • - and  more.